Create Impact with Your Safety Message

Having a strong safety message is an important part of developing safety culture. Your message should be something that makes safety a personal goal of each employee. It’s a message that makes employees ask themselves, “What does safety mean to me?”

To convey that message, every leader in an organization needs his or her own answer to that question. Your answer becomes a way to influence, challenge, inspire and engage employees in a healthy safety culture.

Express Safety Values

Safety culture is made stronger by the belief that safety is important to the people who are part of your organization’s leadership and employees.

Make Safety Important

Are Easy to Remember

Posted safety signs, catch phrases, slogans, even songs can help your employees remember important safety procedures.

Make it Memorable

Have Personal Meaning

Everyone needs their own compelling reason for investing in safety. Help employees find their inspiration for staying safe.

Make it Personal

Does your organization need a stronger safety message?

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