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Is Social Media an under-utilized tool in your belt?

Sifting through all of the irrelevant information that’s out there can be time-consuming, and let’s face it—distracting! So, how do you eliminate the cat-playing-the-piano videos and get to the information you really need? Here’s our advice:

LinkedIn is a professional networking resource, right? Yes, but it’s so much more!

  • Industry-specific groups—Follow groups of safety professionals, or groups in your company’s industry, where other professionals like you post and comment on news and expert blog articles.
  • Business pages—Follow business pages to receive the most current information on product advancements and special promotions.
  • Email notifications—You can choose to receive email notifications with a summary of the posts in the groups and businesses you follow so you can quickly scan for information that’s of interest to you.

Twitter is a bottomless pit of sound-bite sized ‘teasers.’ The challenge is to hone-in on the posts that are relevant to you. And, that’s all about how you’re organized.

  • Following and Followers—Once you search for and find some industry-specific and safety-specific sources to follow (and there are so many businesses, organizations, individuals, and groups to choose from), then you post a few tweets of your own on your relevant topic, and comment on tweets from those you’re following. Before you know it, you’re gaining relevant followers.
  • Lists—Organize your Follows into ‘Lists’ in order to categorize them by topic. This way, you can view tweets according to topic, or you can choose to receive email or text notifications for specific Lists.
  • #Hashtags—Use hashtags in your tweets to link them to existing topics, so that others who are interested in those topics can easily see them. Likewise, you can visit the page of a specific hashtag to view those topics. Safety examples: #safetyfirst #safety #workplacesafety

Facebook is so personal… how can it be useful for business? If you’re already on Facebook sharing updates about your family and other happenings in your life, then you already know what a powerful tool it can be for quickly and effectively sharing information. The key is applying its usefulness to your professional life.

  • Like and Follow businesses, organizations, and business associates in your industry in order to benefit from their posts on current industry events, product updates or releases, special promotions, or to simply share knowledge and information.
  • Lists—Organize your business associates and professional friends into a List so that you can keep your personal status updates visible to personal friends; and professional posts visible to your business associates.
  • Notifications and Newsfeed—For the businesses you follow, you can choose to receive notifications and have their posts appear in your Newsfeed or not.

Harness the power of Social Media, stay current, share critical information with industry professionals, and be safe! Don’t forget to follow Safety Pros on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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