Safety Recognition Programs

Safety Recognition that Motivates and Excites

Think about how much time you spend each month selecting and ordering incentive and rewards items, then, selecting recipients and distributing them appropriately. Now, imagine those tasks being handled by a web-based points program that takes care of all the details.

Program Features

Earn Points
Shop Rewards
Manage Incentives
Track Success

Program Benefits

Reduced Risky Behavior

Recognizing and rewarding employees for safe behavior sends the message that it’s a priority for your company and that it should be one for them as well.

Fewer Accidents

When employees are actively engaged in safety, they are far less likely to fall victim to workplace accidents. Fewer accidents mean fewer injuries and saved lives.

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Educated Employees

A recognition platform provides an easy way to disseminate safety information, administer quizzes, and ensure that everyone is up to date on the latest procedures.

Company Success

Preventing accidents and injuries helps your company avoid unplanned absences, workers compensation payments, and other related healthcare costs.

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