Rethink Office Safety (Infographic)

By:Anita HawkinsCategories: Safety Tips

As you thumb through annual reports, sip coffee, and catch up on a few emails, office safety is probably the last thing on your mind. While the office doesn’t seem like a dangerous environment, there are little known safety risks that office workers need to be aware of. It’s time to rethink office worker safety. Consider these statistics and share preventative information with your staff.


Maintaining a healthy environment for office workers requires attention to details. Situations in offices that can lead to injury or illness range from physical hazards (such as cords across walkways, leaving low drawers open, objects falling from overhead) to task-related (speed or repetition, duration, job control, etc.), environmental (chemical or biological sources) or design-related hazards (such as nonadjustable furniture or equipment). Knowing the top workplace hazards allows workers to rethink their health in the workplace. They are then able to assess possible accidents and avoid potentially dangerous hazards throughout the workday.

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