Reflective Clothing Tips

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The use of reflective clothing can reduce the risk of injury on roadway construction and other work sites. Each year, workers are injured or killed in accidents involving moving vehicles, equipment, or machines moving through the jobsite. Many of these incidents are caused by insufficient visibility of individuals moving along the roads. As the summer season turns to fall, the days become shorter. Many workers will remain on jobsites long after it becomes dark outside and visibility is limited. The safety of the people who are at risk of being hit by moving vehicles must be taken into consideration.

The purpose of reflective clothing, sometimes called high-visibility clothing, is to signal the presence of the wearer during times when visibility may be compromised by low light situations or inclement weather. High-visibility safety apparel is defined as personal protective safety clothing that is intended to make readily visibly during both daytime and nighttime usage. For many occupations, clothing must meet the Performance Class 2 or 3 requirements of the American National Standards Institute/International Safety Equipment Association (ANSI/ISEA).

It is important to the safety of workers that the appropriate apparel be worn for the type of job they are performing. The key is to choose apparel that will offer optimum visibility with comfort during the daytime, low-light, and nighttime conditions in a variety of work environments.

Here are a few tips for choosing the appropriate high-visibility clothing:

  • Apparel coloring that contrasts with the work environment is also an important factor to consider. Workers in rural settings where there are a lot of trees and green grasses should consider wearing orange clothing, while workers in urban areas may find it more appropriate to wear florescent greens or yellows.
  • Workers and worksite supervisors should always be aware of changing weather conditions and choose appropriate reflective clothing so that workers are visible in both sunny and rainy conditions.
  • Choose apparel based on the type of job the worker is performing. Clothing that is comfortable and still meets the classification requirements should be worn in site-specific conditions. For example, a worker performing road work in the winter snow would be very unsafe wearing only a reflective tshirt and vest. A hooded sweatshirt or coat would be most appropriate for the job.

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