Make an Impact with Recognition

It’s that time of year again; time for your organization to start planning the end-of-the-year recognition presentation. An effective safety awards presentation has the power to generate feelings of loyalty and improve productivity among a company’s employees. Visibly showing employees that you value their work and effort, and doing so in front of peers, is the key to retaining top employees. As another year ends, Safety Pros has these tips for making your end-of-the-year safety recognition presentation an inspiring and entertaining event.

Preparing for Your Event

Do you want your awards presentation to make an impact? Start laying the foundation for your presentation early! Ask yourself these questions before getting started:

  1. What is the budget for this event?
  2. What awards categories will we be recognizing? Who are the recipients?
  3. What will your recipients receive as their awards?
  4. When and where will the event be hosted?
  5. Will you have a guest speaker or other entertainment?
  6. Will you provide a full meal or light appetizers?

Recognition and Rewards on Any Budget

Determining your budget is one of the most important parts to planning a memorable recognition event. When setting your event budget, consider the awards and recognition you will be presenting. One effective method is to allocate a certain monetary amount to each award type. Can’t decide what awards suit your budget? Let the Safety Pros give you a hand!

The Safety Pros  specializes in creating personalized awards and recognition gifts on any budget. Choose from an array of branded merchandise, trophies and plaques, as well as incentive rewards.

For the tech-savvy computer gurus, why not a Bluetooth speaker or a virtual reality headset? For the employee who loves to cook and entertain, a Bullwear wood coaster set or safety-themed cookie cutter set? Say thank you to the Do-it-Yourself enthusiast with a personalized tool kit or roadside safety set.

Looking for a special gift to recognize your entire staff? Useful and meaningful gifts like fleece blankets and Tervis tumblers show how much you appreciate everything they do for your company.


These are ideas that celebrate safety and preparedness, create memories with family and friends, and have lasting value. Safety Pros can work with you to find and deliver the perfect “thank you” for your group. We can even help with creative design services for special packaging or inserts, ideas for presenting your rewards, and memorable ways to celebrate your successes, all within your budget.

Recognize Everyone

However, you choose to recognize your employees for their hard work throughout the year, keep in mind that the presentation of the recognition is just as important. The presentation should fit the accomplishment as well as the overall company culture. Safety awards are a significant achievement for the recipient and the company as a whole. For individual achievements, briefly explain the recipient’s role in the company and what qualified them for the recognition. But, do not forget about the rest of your team. The most effective safety awards presentation is one that instills an “everyone wins” mentality. Use multi-level awards to inspire your entire staff from top management down through the organization. Employees will feel appreciated and like an important part of the company’s safety management.

Lagging vs. Leading Indicator-Based Recognition

Many organizations use lagging indicators to motivate employees. Lagging indicator methods award workers for instances when the number of safety incidents fall below a specific level. If the number is above the mark, no incentives or rewards are given. While this may seem like a good idea, lagging indicator safety incentive programs essentially reward employees for not reporting incidents, which commonly results in more safety incidents – just less reporting. These types of programs drive the wrong behaviors and create a negative safety culture.

Leading indicators are focused on future safety performance and continuous improvement. These measures are proactive in nature and report what employees are doing on a regular basis to prevent injuries. Companies dedicated to safety excellence are shifting their focus to using rewards and recognition as leading indicators. Employees are empowered to continue improving on safe practices.

Celebrate Often

Celebrations should not be reserved only for recognizing major accomplishments. Be sure to celebrate the milestones along the way. A safety award, for instance, can pump up morale and give employees a sense of accomplishment despite the bad times. By recognizing everyone for their safety efforts, organizations boost morale and give employees purpose. Safety culture is improved when everyone in the organization has a positive attitude towards safety. Recognition encourages the right behaviors. Be sure to reward and recognize the efforts of your employees often!

Recognizing this year’s safety accomplishments is often the kick off to next year’s efforts. Make your recognition meaningful, inspiring, and personal with a little help from the Safety Pros.


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