Safety Incentive Programs

Safety Incentive Programs

  • Rebecca Pittman
  • 10 November, 2020

A safety recognition program is a highly effective way to reinforce your company’s safety message. Creating an effective safety program begins with leaders who recognize the need for safe practices and develop processes that motivate employees to implement to those practices. As a supervisor or site manager, you are responsible for the safety of your employees. They work hard to follow safe practices and produce quality work without accidents or injuries. It’s time to implement an OSHA-recommended safety recognition program that will reward your employees for behavior changes that make your workplace safe!

Developing a safety recognition program seems like a difficult task. With so many program options, it can feel overwhelming. You want the best for your employees, so you want to gear towards an OSHA-approved program that will track leading indicators. The purpose of a program is to increase employee engagement and productivity. By creating safety goals and tracking progress, you will keep your company’s safety message top of mind.

An effective safety program can be used as a safety communication portal and a tool to keep employees engaged with your company’s safety message. Our customizable programs offer many opportunities to communicate your message of safety, including message boards, safety quizzes, special announcements, and bulletins about important safety information.
A safety recognition program will allow you to focus on improving your work environment and making your employees feel appreciated. How does it work? To start, safety managers, site supervisors, and even your employees establish a few criteria for your safety program. Together, you set safety goals that you and your employees can work on together. Some examples include (but are certainly not limited to):

• Reducing the number of accidents
• Encourage timely “near miss” reporting
• Completing online safety quizzes
• Attend at least two training programs a calendar year
• Hosting safety awareness events for the community

The goal is to change behaviors. As your organization meets its safety goals, employees who demonstrate an exemplary commitment to safety earn points that can be redeemed for lifestyle gifts of their choosing. Your website is branded and password protected.

Recognition programs encourage employees to share and become part of your organization’s safety message. They provide an interactive experience that reminds employees of valuable safety information while showing them positive appreciation. Everyone likes to be recognized for the good work they are doing. The types of programs that OSHA encourages will allow your organization to share important safety information with employees, set safety goals, track improvements, implement manager involvement, and reward safe behaviors in a manner consistent with OSHA standards. Positive reinforcement rather than any type of punitive retaliation will increase employee retention and decrease insurance/worker’s comp costs. The value add is an improved work environment and an increased ROI bottom line.

Are you ready to start boosting engagement, meeting your safety goals, and recognizing your employees? Let the Safety Pros help you get started with a FREE consultation to determine the needs of your company. We can then create a 30 minute solutions demo just for you. Contact us today!


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