Safety Improvement and Recognition Programs for the Construction Industry

Safety Improvement and Recognition Programs for the Construction Industry

  • Rebecca Pittman
  • 24 September, 2020

Safety is the most important concern on any job site. Successful companies are ones that prioritize safety above all else. There are 10.3 million workers employed by the construction industry. Working with heavy machinery, being suspended from heights, and taking part in dangerous demolitions, construction workers face a lot of hazards. Of the ten million workers in the construction industry, OSHA says that 23 percent of private sector work-related deaths occurred in the construction industry in 2018. Many of these accidents are preventable. Thankfully, companies are tuning up their safety programs and using technology to increase job site safety.

Safety incentive programs are not new to the construction industry, but modern technology has made it possible for companies to recycle their old incentive gift catalogs and turn to more robust programs they can use right from their smartphones. Web-based safety programs are becoming extremely popular in the construction industry. Construction sites across the globe are adopting the use of safety recognition programs and using them right on the job site to remind employees of essential safety procedures.

Statistics show that the average person spends nearly two hours a day on his or her mobile device. Making it possible for employees to log in and access a safety recognition program from their mobile device encourages engagement and participation. Being able to access a safety recognition program from a mobile device means it is easier for site supervisors and safety managers to:

  • Provide Safety Training Documents, Quizzes, and other Information
  • Host Safety Discussion Forums
  • Post Company Newsletters and Important Safety Announcements
  • Poll Employees with Surveys and Suggestion Portals
  • Reward Employees for Demonstrating Safe Practices through a Points-Based System
  • Incentivize Employees with Online Product Catalogs

Construction industry companies are using programs for a variety of reasons, but one of the biggest is to boost employee engagement. A safety program encourages employees to take ownership of their safety and actively participate in creating a safer workplace for all. Safety recognition programs promote the active participation of every employee. Programs offer interactive experiences that remind employees of valuable safety information, test their knowledge, and reward them for demonstrating safe practices.

Companies in the construction industry are setting goals and achieving them. Safety cultures are getting stronger, and workers can internalize important safety messages as a result of programs that help keep safety messages Top of Mind. Safety culture is made stronger by the belief that safety is vital to the people who are part of a company’s leadership and employee pool. Recognition programs help to:

  • Increase the collective understanding and attitude that safety is important
  • Remind employees of essential safety policies and procedures
  • Offer training and motivation for employees
  • Hold leadership and employees accountable to their responsibilities when it comes to safety
  • Manage and track employee engagement

Having a safety recognition programs encourages employees to ask themselves, “What does safety mean to me?” The individual can use the tools and features of a safety recognition program to answer that question for themselves. It could be their friends, their spouse, their children; no matter what it is, that answer becomes a way to influence, challenge, inspire and engage employees to build a safer workplace culture.

Safety makes sense. Companies that do not prioritize safety pay more in worker’s compensation costs, lost time and decreased employee productivity. Incentivizing employees to be actively engaged in safety has helped companies reduce the number of work-related accidents while also saving companies millions of dollars each year.


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