New Year, New Safety Recognition Program

New Year, New Safety Recognition Program

  • Rebecca Pittman
  • 24 September, 2020

As you’re closing the books on another year, you may be thinking about the goals you want to reach in the next. Safety is always at the top of your priorities and in the coming year, you want your company to exceed expectations. But how will you help others in your organization prioritize safety and stay focused on meeting safety goals?

With the updated 2019 OSHA rules requiring that organizations only use tangible awards as part of a safety program, now is a good time to look at new ideas. A safety recognition program is a great way to keep everyone in your organization focused on safety. With a customized plan, you can set goals, motivate your staff, and track performance. If your organization isn’t already using a safety recognition program, the new year is a great time to introduce one.

Set Goals

It’s not enough to just want to improve the safety of your organization. You must set attainable goals and create a plan to reach them. Some examples of safety goals might include:

  • More Employee Participation in Safety Committees
  • Hold Safety Drills for Emergencies and Other Procedures
  • Access Employee Safety Knowledge
  • Conduct a PPE Inspection for All Employees
  • Create a Forum for Employees to Discuss Safety and Other Work-related Topics
  • Develop a Near Miss Reporting System

Customizable modules allow you to utilize your safety recognition program as a tool to reach your safety goals. You can track employee progress by reviewing safety quiz scores. The program allows you to monitor near miss reports. You can also post forums to get employee feedback. A safety recognition program makes it easier to set and manage your company’s safety goals. The cloud-based software automates process tracking and gives you a real-time look at how well your staff is doing.

Motivate Your Staff

There can be many challenges when it comes to motivating employees to stay engaged in safety. You may overhear staff saying it doesn’t matter or that they don’t get it. This can be frustrating for any employer or safety manager. A safety recognition program can help keep staff motivated and focused on safety. Not only does the program allow them to set and manage their safety goals, but they can cash in on great rewards while they do it.

OSHA requires that recognition programs only use tangible awards when recognizing employees. Our software helps you to automate recognition and give credit where it’s due!

Employees can earn points for following safety procedures and participating in forums and quizzes. They can use their points to receive rewards like electronics, home goods, outdoor gear, tools, jewelry, and sports and fitness equipment.

The program allows administrators to reward points as motivation boosters and recognition for employees meeting their safety goals.

Track Everything

Even after you’ve met with your staff and discussed your safety goals for the coming year, you’ll need a way to track progress. A safety recognition program offers customized data tracking and reporting modules that can show you where your company is in meeting its safety goals.

An online administration portal will provide you with real-time reporting on the data that is most important to you. The software consolidates all the needed information into a single, easy-to-use platform.

Step into the new year with a safety recognition program that can help you meet your company’s goals. Customizable programs allow you to set goals, track employee participation, give rewards, and see your organization’s progress along the way!


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