Advances in Worksite Monitoring

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Safety on a construction site is a top priority. While there are many products to keep workers in the construction industry safe, one company is revolutionizing worksite safety with its advanced technology safety sensors.

The startup company, SmartSite, has released a product designed to help the construction industry track what hazards their employees are exposed to and take measures to protect them from harm. These safety monitors gather information through cloud-based software that reports information about various occupational hazards.

Cancer, respiratory problems, dermatitis from skin exposure to hazardous substances, and health problems from high levels of exposure to noise and vibrations are among the occupational safety and health problems most commonly experienced by construction workers. To help reduce these health risks, SmartSite’s monitoring systems track noise levels, airborne particles and UV rays. The information gathered by these sensors lets construction teams quickly see where and when workers are safe or at risk on the worksite.

Knowing more about workplace hazards empowers site supervisors and workers to take charge of their own safety. Employees can be better prepared and know what the proper personal protection equipment (PPE) needed for the job they will be doing while on the worksite. Earplugs and facemasks, as well as, UV protectant clothing and eyewear can help reduce exposure to some of the most common construction site hazards.


How do the SmartSite sensors work? SmartSite’s hardware hub contains off-the-shelf sensors including a microphone, laser particle counters and UV sensors. SmartSite aims to monitor construction sites accurately every day, in a way that does not interrupt the regular workflow on construction sites, and does not require workers to wear or carry additional gear. Workers are alerted when exposure to harmful factors requires mitigation. Start-up for SmartSite is in progress with pilot testing of construction companies. Check out their website for additional information.

Understanding workplace hazards and their effects on employees is half the battle when it comes to keeping everyone safe. Advances in monitoring and detection equipment make it easier to control employee exposure to hazards. Employers are able to provide better training and proper personal protection equipment. At Safety Pros, we make it our goal to provide construction industry businesses and others with the products and services needed to reduce employee’s risk of injury. Employers should always monitor worksites for potential hazards and always enforce the use of personal protection equipment. Don’t forget that Safety Pros makes it possible to view and purchase personal protection equipment products directly from our website.

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