Activities for Safe + Sound Week

Safe + Sound week is coming up. We are excited to help you raise awareness about the importance of your company’s health and safety program.

Your employees look to you to provide them with a safe working environment. Your job as an employer is to provide them with the training and equipment they need to stay safe and avoid job related accidents. It is also your job to promote a message of safety throughout your company and see to it that your employees are abiding by this message every day.

Safe + Sound week is an excellent time to promote your company’s safety message. There are a range of activities you can do in your workplace to celebrate the week and raise awareness about your safety program. Here are a few activities you can do during Safe + Sound week to get your employees involved.

Host an Open Forum Between Workers and Management

Invite your employees to an open safety discussion with managers and other company leaders. Ask for candid feedback about workplace safety. Find out what hazards they face and how they feel things can be improved. Designating time to discuss important safety issues in the workplace and hearing the thoughts and feelings of your employees can help you understand what changes, if any, need to be made. It will also make your employees feel that their thoughts and opinions are valuable and respected.

Always try to host meetings like this in person, but if that isn’t possible, consider moderating an online forum. You can use your employee recognition program platform to post and respond to an open forum. You, employees, and company leaders can interact with each other by posting on the forum. Ask questions, posts ideas, and share safety information on the forum. Participants can read and respond to posted messages when they have time.

Play Safety Games

Many companies use games to educate workers on important safety precautions. Playing games is a useful way to exercise safety procedures and accident prevention. During Safe + Sound week, remind employees of your company’s safety procedures by hosting games that enforce their importance. Create a personal protection equipment relay race to see who can put their PPE on the fastest. Host a safety game show where employees answer questions about safety and workplace rules. Challenge employees to create their own safety song. Allow them to put on a show or record a music video showing off their talents! Reward employees for their participation and give prizes to game winners.

Revamp Your Recognition Program

Use Safe + Sound week to add some excitement back into your employee safety recognition program. Use your program’s platform to give a safety pop quiz and award incentive points to employees who get a satisfactory score. Award points to employees who participate in a forum or give feedback through a safety survey. Introduce new incentives and rewards that employees can put their earned points towards. Now is the time to kick the dust off your recognition program and help employees see the value in it. That’s what Safe + Sound week is all about after all.

Safe + Sound is a nationwide event intended to raise awareness and encourage businesses to think proactively about safety. Getting involved is easy and participation might look a little different for every organization. No matter what activities you choose to host, be sure that you are doing your part to raise awareness about the importance and value of safety and health in the workplace. Do this by setting and working to reach goals that help your company to:

  • Improve or initiate a safety recognition program
  • Strengthen management and leadership in the company
  • Improve worker engagement and participation
  • Find and fix hazards to ensure workers get home safe every day

Need help getting started? Contact the Safety Pros! We can help you set up a health and safety program that is sure to keep your employees excited and engaged in your company’s safety message!

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