Safety Awards


Achieving your company’s safety goals is worth a celebration. Whether the goals you had for your team were to complete safety training, implement new safety practices, or improve work hazard reporting systems these are all excellent reasons to recognize your team with awards. Not sure how to get started? Let the Safety Pros show you how!

Many companies have the mindset that they are too small or that they don’t have the resources to implement a safety awards program. As an employer, you’re probably thinking, “What is the value of having safety awards? What type of awards should I give to my employees? How do I select the winners?”

The size of a company does not diminish the need to have a quality safety program. Safety awards programs give all companies, regardless of size, a means to measure their program against the industry it does business in and track their safety successes. Incentives that promote employee participation in safety-related activities are a powerful way to strengthen workplace safety and health. The value in having a safety awards program comes when employers and workers are focused on safety. When a trophy or award is on the line, it encourages workers to report workplace injuries, illnesses, near-misses, or hazards.

Safety awards can be given monthly, quarterly, annually, or for major milestones. Some of the typical awards we see are given to company employees and departments. Here are a few safety award ideas that your company can use to recognize employees for staying focused on safety:

  • Perfect Record Award. Acknowledge departments or individual employees for consecutive months without an occupational injury or illness.
  • Hazard Recognition Award. Reward an employee that made a major contribution to reporting and correcting workplace hazards.
  • Safety Leadership Award. Honor those employees who show others the way by their exemplary record of safety in the workplace.
  • Safety Improvement Award. Celebrate individuals or departments that helped to achieve significant reductions in workplace injuries or illnesses that take time away from work.
  • Safe Driver Award. Recognize individuals who drive a certain number of miles or time without a motor vehicle collision or vehicle safety violation.

With help from the Safety Pros, you can create a safety awards program that will engage employee participation and keep them focused on important company goals.

When it comes time to recognize those employees who have worked hard to achieve their safety goals, the Safety Pros have the awards, plaques, and trophies you need to celebrate. We’ll help you select the awards and personalize each one with your company’s logo and the recipient’s name. Shop hundreds of safety awards in our catalog, or contact the Safety Pros for more information.

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